Self Awareness to Empower Women at Work

Once upon a dark and stormy Saturday morning in Vancouver, British Columbia, approximately 30 dedicated women descended upon a location close to the CBC studio in a space called The Post. These women were from all walks of life, all ages, all colours, all members of the Vancouver Dress for Success Vancouver chapter. Camp Still instructor, Alexandra Goldwell set the tone by asking us what inspires us and what makes us happy. Two simple questions that perhaps as busy women we may not ever stop to think about. The responses that came up drew more of a circle of similarities around the group then a line of unlikeness. The connection in the room was immediate. Unwrapping ones gifts through the power of self-awareness continued to unfold as the day progressed. Tools to transform an outcome in our lives whether in the workplace or when presenting for a job interview were unveiled, demonstrating to the group that everything they needed was within them. This wasn’t a lecture it was an experience. Gifts for the workplace such as passion, kindness, empathy, resourcefulness and courage trump conditioned states of mind such as self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy and even imposter syndrome(link to definition). It was clear that within just a small portion of Vancouver’s female population there was enough talent and power to contribute to the boardroom of any business and given the right opportunity and the right measure of self-awareness these women could do anything they put their heart and mindfulness to.

Dress For Success is an organization with the mission to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Camp Still Meditation Inc. is a company dedicated to promoting better mental health through the latest science around the practice of mindfulness. We host interactive e-learning events, corporate wellness experiences, and inspiring educational events. We believe that mindfulness can be likened to a superpower and that mental health is physical health. We focus on brain training that will directly affect areas in day-to-day life, promoting more joy, less stress, and a powerful workplace presence.