Self Awareness to Empower Women at Work

Once upon a dark and stormy Saturday morning in Vancouver, British Columbia, approximately 30 dedicated women descended upon a location close to the CBC studio in a space called The Post. These women were from all walks of life, all ages, all colours, all members of the Vancouver Dress for Success Vancouver chapter. Camp Still instructor, Alexandra […]


Swimming in Fear

Facing Fear

“the more we are fearful, the more we don’t know”

Can We Eat to Support The Practice of Mindfulness?

When we think about training our brains through meditation and mindfulness we might not associate food with our practice. The thought crossed my mind during my morning coffee following my own meditation today. To be honest, it may have been one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind during my meditation which seems to happen a lot.


Vancouver Mindfulness – The New Super Power (March 29, 2017)

Events like the Camp Still Meditation Party April 6th, from 7-10 pm on the Gold Corp Stage at the BMO Theatre Center, are popping up all over North America. These community events aim to demystify meditation and gather local celebrities who will share their music, their own mindfulness methods and their vibe.


PRESS RELEASE – Camp Still Hosts Vancouver’s First Mass Meditation Party – April 6, 2017


Join us for Vancouver’s first mass meditation party on Thursday, April 6, 2017 on the Gold Corp Stage at the BMO Theatre Center. Feeling a little frazzled with life these days, curious about the buzz around the science of meditation; does it really make one a little bit nicer and de-stressed all at the same […]



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