Spring Equinox 21 Day Meditation

There are 1440 minutes in one day. Can you consider taking 5 of those minutes to rise above the rain and clouds, and welcome the things you want more of in your life for Spring 2017?

21 day meditationJoin Camp Still Meditation, and our wellness leader Alexandra Goldwell from March 17th-April 6th, 2017 for a 21 day kick start to finding your own meditation practice.

In the 21-Day Spring Equinox Meditation, our wellness leader Alexandra Goldwell will guide you through a journey of closure, love, renewal, and well-being through simple 5 minute meditations. Each of the daily meditations focuses on a unique word offering an intention for that day’s practice, wisdom from our meditation leader, insights on personal growth, and an opportunity for a deep connection with self.

Following the belief that is takes 21 days to create a habit, we’ve set the timeline for our challenge from March 17-April 6th. At the close of our meditation challenge we hope to see you all at our Mass Meditation Party on the evening of April 6th.

The 21-Day Spring Equinox Meditation includes:
Daily audio meditations uploaded on our Facebook page at 7am PST
Motivational messages on our Instagram feed.  Thought-provoking questions and insights from our meditation leader

The best part is, we are offering this 21-Day Meditation program at no cost to you. The only investment you need to make is 5 minutes a day on yourself. We are sure you can find this time if you commit to it, and we are positive the results will be worth it! Join us on our Facebook page for further details.

What’s all the noise about GOOD VIBRATIONS?

Did you ever notice how a song can change your mood? Do you wonder how it can take you from stillness to movement at the drop of a beat? From armchair to  bicycle, It can be your companion when your lonely and your motivation for  spin class all in the same day?

So did we,  so we did some investigating south of the border at one of the most unlikely places you might think for sound healing- Hollywood, California.

When we offered our selves up for the sake of research we had no idea how popular the notion of a bath in sound actually was and judging from the size of the class  at The Den in Hollywood, we were onto something. From the moment we removed our foot wear and took our seat it was apparent these sound junkies were going to make themselves comfortable, and I mean comfortable, think blankets, pillows, bolsters, horizontal ,comfortable. This was not a make work project.

Audible sounds were coming from everywhere, amidst the heavy sighs, deep exhales and even some snoring, emerged a whole new genre of relaxation. As we opened up the class with some deep diaphragm breathing and an upright spine we were serenaded by crystal bowls of all sizes, sub woofers tapped into our spines with their base and ambient music tickled our foreheads while we surrendered and lay back.

There was no need for movement as the music seemed to move us on a deeper level, a vibrational level. We left a whole lot lighter and I don’t think I have had a better sleep since.

Curious about our experience we thought we would consult an expert in Sound, a local Gem from Vancouver Island Ocian founder of SoundSeed Medicine Journeys. As a certified sound practitioner, Reiki Master, Ocian works in both groups and one-on-one, diving deep into sound.    She uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work. I asked her how she does this and what were three things people should take away about sound for healing ?

“I use vocal toning and crystal singing bowl frequencies, and I work to find balance in the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies.

1) Sound is a subtle healer. As a foundation of life itself, sound works within each cell/atom and molecule in all life forms.

2) As humans, we have the ability to influence these subtle, natural frequencies through thought, emotion and our responses to our life’s experience. When frequencies in our bodies become ‘off’ or become in dissonance, if we do not participate in the realigning of these shifts, the dissonance can then manifests in disease, illness, mental, and emotional imbalance. And so, working with sound we have the ability to not only become aware of the vibrations in our bodies, but to participate in our own health.

3) The key to working with sound is to have an intention, and the willingness to participate in your own wellness.”

and if we can add to that , go see what all the noise is about, Ocian will be offering up her vibrational gastronomy at Vancouver’s First Mass Meditation Party Thursday April 6th. Participate in your own good health vibrations!

See you there!

Calling All Human Doings

If rain had no place to fall and puddles didn’t exist. I wonder how the sky would feel…
Still holding all the mist.
If fountains had no coins in them and wishes not proclaimed,
What chance is there that things could be and satisfy the aim
If everything was different just because we wanted it so
Then things wouldn’t be the way they are
And you and I might go…
But lucky life and fate so kind
Brought seaside friends side by side
East came west and wind blew strong to
Satisify that day, and who are we to muck
About and wish it any another way.

When I wrote this poem two days ago I had no intention of posting it in the first edition of the Camp Still blog, then the more I read the words I penned, the more I realized that the idea of accepting life with an openess and curiousity is exactly what Camp Still is all about. Each of us needs our own C.alm A.nd M.indful P.lace or CAMP, a non-judgemental attention to the moment. Sounds so simple..HaHaHa!

Easy enough? Yet for the over connected, super-charged, bullet proofed, boot camped, powered up generation we have become its hard not to think of ourselves as “human doings” instead of “human beings”. Its easy to miss the mindful place where we truly regenerate. Case in point, several months ago watching my hairier than usual and much less groomed baby girl Elly May, my lovely Cocker Spaniel, I noticed how naturally she sat observing the goings on around her. She didn’t seem to have any forced breath, funny look on her face nor did she resemble anything close to a lovely Monk, Buddha or even a Yogi. Yet she seemed to have this inner calm about her and acceptance that she was a dog, a black hairy dog with floppy ears, a foodie, a people lover, and the runt of her litter. Could my best friend be onto something? Could this be the way that I bring meditation to the masses? Could the present moment be the entry point to truly being AWAKE?

At the C.A.M.P. we believe that we are all connected and that connection first starts with each of us being connected to ourselves.

I believe on April 6, 2017 something special is going to happen. A group of like minded, Vancouver Campers are going to come together to not only meditate and immerse in the funkiest sound bath ever but also to connect with themselves and each other in a way they will never forget. I hope you can join, the stage is set for 250 or so friends. I promise more details in my next blog, so book mark us.

See you next week, Love and Light, Julie, Founder Camp Still.

(No animals have been harmed in this posting, Elly may is a willing and suitable subject for mindful observations)