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The Program

Science, Emotional Intelligence & MindfulnessOur  business camps can be delivered in various formats; a stand alone workshop;  part of a larger corporate training event; a series of live online camps.   What remains the same is that all our camps are secular in nature, based on the science around mindfulness with no religious connotation. Our business camps are suitable for all types of modern minds including the c-suite executive, the caregiver, the sales associate or the emergency responder. Feel confident knowing that the curriculum for our entire library of business camps was built by a qualified person with a minimum PhD level of education in psychology, and that our sole focus is designing mindfulness programs for the workplace.


These techniques have helped teams build the skills to effectively collaborate, solve problems, lead with focus, manage stress and choose their responses to challenges. This training helps to cultivate resilience and manage change within an organization.


This training program can be customized for a variety of participants in various vocations. We can accommodate a group setting of up to 30 participants at any given time and also offer individual one on one specialized coaching.

Leaders and Management

A skilled leader is able to keep a cool head in the face of challenges, think outside the box to solve problems, motivate others to new heights of creativity and productivity and inspire trust and confidence. This program helps leaders to achieve enhanced self -awareness and emotional intelligence which in turn sharpens their focus to better assist and recognize when their team needs assistance.

Employees, Sales Teams

Mindfulness and emotion intelligence can offer teams the enhanced ability to collaborate on a project and navigate as a group. It can be a powerful change management tool to use amidst an ever evolving business environment. It offers tools for individuals to handle difficult situations and people in a sales environment. The program creates a sense of well- being, positivity and personal development, a must for an effective sales focused position.

What People Are Saying

“I like how it was a conversation and not a lecture on Emotional Intelligence”

“It was clear, interactive and easy to participate in”

“It was easy to understand and very engaging.”

“I liked the open communication throughout the room and that it involved auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning.”

Ledcor Participants
Emotional Intelligence Workshop

“Annemarie was engaging, not preachy…this really hit home.”

“Really enjoyed the experiential learning, not a lecture format.”

“These were tools I can use for my life.”

Hootsuite Participants
Mindfulness, Life and You Workshop

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We work closely with your business to curate a program that will foster mental health and well-being, empower your employees to participate in their own brain health,  and increase their job satisfaction. Fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you within one business day.

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Our business camps can be offered at your headquarters or as a more flexible, live online event.  Pre-qualified lunch and learns are also available. We also offer a “refresher lunch” session at the six month mark and virtual quarterly follow up for one year in addition to our “mindful ally” program for your in-house H/R-Wellness Director. Ask us about our annual corporate retreats held at a five star resort. We have effectively ran over 32 events for the corporate world and we would be happy to take care of your entire experience. This is a place executives can come, relax and immerse themselves in learning the best practices around Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Stress Reduction, as it directly relates to being the most effective leader they can be, all the while enjoying a relaxing, immersive, social experience.


Our instructors have been studying, teaching, and practicing Psychology, Mindfulness, and/or MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) for decades. They have taught at major organizations and institutions across North America and are professional educators, often at a master’s level. Similar teachings are used to train licensed practitioners today and this program is ever evolving according to the most recent scientific findings.

Why Us?

This program teaches from the direct experience of the participants, drawing knowledge and customizing according to shared experiences and feedback to ensure the biggest impact is made. Our approach supports each participant’s discovery of their own wisdom and capacity, this makes the training more accessible to people with all levels of comfort. Frequent break out exercises and touch back moments encourage team work, collaboration and participation throughout the curriculum.

Program Structure

The Mindful Leadership Lab corporate program can be custom designed to focus on the specific needs of your organization.

Through an in depth discovery meeting and interview we will assess the objectives of your corporate training program. The program is dynamic and interactive in nature it includes key components such as:

What is mindfulness, being present, the science?

Stress response, reactivity, rise to a challenge, create satisfaction and wellbeing

Tools and techniques for being aware, in charge, resilient, effective

Emotional Intelligence, perception, relationship building, empathy, communication

In Your Workplace

We host workshops that promote mental health in the workplace. Our programs are conveniently delivered to your place of business.

Special Events

We produce inspiring events and educational workshops. They stand alone or can be delivered to your company or your conference. They are delivered live, online and in cities across North America. Sign up to stay in the know or inquire below to learn more.

Private Coaching

One on One training. Private sessions customized for individual needs based on the latest science around mindfulness. Click here for more information.