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Can We Eat to Support The Practice of Mindfulness?

When we think about training our brains through meditation and mindfulness we might not associate food with our practice. The thought crossed my mind during my morning coffee following my own meditation today. To be honest, it may have been one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind during my meditation which seems to happen a lot.

Spring Equinox 21 Day Meditation

There are 1440 minutes in one day. Can you consider taking 5 of those minutes to rise above the rain and clouds, and welcome the things you want more of in your life for Spring 2017? Join Camp Still Meditation, and our wellness leader Alexandra Goldwell from March 17th-April 6th, 2017 for a 21 day […]

What’s all the noise about GOOD VIBRATIONS?

Did you ever notice how a song can change your mood? Do you wonder how it can take you from stillness to movement at the drop of a beat? From armchair to  bicycle, It can be your companion when your lonely and your motivation for  spin class all in the same day? So did we,  […]

Calling All Human Doings

If rain had no place to fall and puddles didn’t exist. I wonder how the sky would feel… Still holding all the mist. If fountains had no coins in them and wishes not proclaimed, What chance is there that things could be and satisfy the aim If everything was different just because we wanted it […]