Camp Still is dedicated to helping organizations foster a work environment that supports mental health and wellbeing. We do this by offering evidence informed training and tools around the practice of mindfulness. These tools are proven to have the power to transform, enhance performance and reengage employees.

Team Still

Julie Durant


Julie’s desire to create a company that supports mental health stems from her own personal challenges when working for years in the highly charged financial markets,

“there was a time in my work life where I often felt trapped, alone in my feelings and depressed, I was going through the motions like a robot, I lost my spark and there was not clear reason why.”

She continues,  “I was still generally a positive, grateful person but I couldn’t seem to detach from my thoughts long enough too see the forest for the trees, this led to my retreating socially, both in my work and life, which I knew was not healthy.  I was lucky as I was always an active person and in touch with my physical body, so I knew if I could find something that focused on the science of the mind, body connection in a practical way,  I could really get my head wrapped around that.  I was looking for some respite in the storm that would help me live life on life terms and not feel like I was fighting windmills all the time.  Mindfulness training lead me to be more curious, less judgemental and created a gap between thoughts and reaction, which I like to call the sweet spot of my life now.”  Having built and produced numerous accredited workshops and corporate educational events  over the past decade, Julie believes in the power of easily accessible, engaging, education to effect change.

Annemarie Gockel, Ph.D.

Director of Educational Content

Annemarie Gockel holds a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is an Associate Professor at the prestigious Smith College in Massachusetts. Annemarie has recently been awarded the Peace Grant from the Mind & Life Institute, an organization co-founded by the Dalai Lama and committed to integrating science with contemplative practice and wisdom traditions to alleviate suffering and promote flourishing.  Annemarie specializes in mindfulness-based approaches to increase well-being and enhance performance. Annemarie has conducted research on improving services or enhancing training in addictions, child welfare, and clinical education, and on mindfulness-training in educational and community settings. Her approach is to support each participant’s discovery of their own inner wisdom and capacity, making mindfulness accessible to people with all levels of comfort.

Alexandra Goldwell, MA

Educator, Meditation Specialist

Alexandra holds an MA in Counselling Psychology and has been teaching self-awareness, psychology, meditation and yoga for 15 years. She’s taught in post-secondary institutions, worked with companies such as Ledcor and Vancity and also works passionately to guide women to step into their feminine power.

She has been meditating since she was a teen and humbly states, “still learning and loving it”


Carl Valentine

One of the most popular figures to play for the Blue and White, Carl Valentine returned to Whitecaps FC in December 2010 in the role of club ambassador.

As club ambassador, Valentine makes numerous appearances at various Whitecaps FC events. This includes game-day hosting at Whitecaps FC home matches, and appearances at club, partner, community, and promotional events.

Chin Injeti

Born in India, Chin Injeti moved to Toronto, Canada at the tender age of five. After being diagnosed with polio and confined to a wheelchair for many years, Chin found inspiration in the sound of his own heart beat while laying in his hospital bed and used meditation and mindfulness to propel his life forward. Chin is a two time Grammy award winning musician and producer.

Karen Okun

Karen has a history of working in the health and wellness industry. She is skilled in mindfulness, meditation, counselling psychology, psychotherapy, and holistic health.  Her warmth and empathy put clients and students at ease and is one of her many inspiring qualities. Based in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Psychology from The University of British Columbia / UBC.


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