Vancouver (March 29, 2017) Mindfulness- The New Super Power

Mindfulness, Presence, Meditation, whatever you want to call it, seems to be having more than just a moment.

Events like the Camp Still Meditation Party April 6th, from 7-10 pm on the Gold Corp Stage at the BMO Theatre Center, are popping up all over North America. These community events aim to demystify meditation and gather local celebrities who will share their music, their own mindfulness methods and their vibe.

The benefits of meditation have been studied since as far back as the early 70’s; Evidence showing these benefits as ways of reducing stress, improving well-being and enhancing performance were published, problem was the science wasn’t really there to back these claims. That’s changing. With the rise of modern neuroscience, the research has exploded and everyday a new study tells us more about how mindfulness improves lives.

Dr. Annemarie Gockel, a Psychologist who works closely with Camp Still, specializes in mindfulness based training and research say: “What’s really exciting is that modern science is confirming that mindfulness practices that are easy to incorporate in daily life, can create significant and meaningful changes in mental and physical health and well-being”, she adds “it can also effect creativity, problem solving and improve overall performance in a wide variety of tasks.”

Julie Durant, Founder, Camp Still Meditation has witnessed the benefits of this in her own life well before the science started to back it. “I worked within the financial sector for over a decade, it can be a roller coaster ride from day to day. I felt vulnerable to the ups and downs of the industry, there was an instability to it. If my clients were stressed out, so was I. This started to affect my happiness. Learning to be mindful made things shift for me, and I didn’t need any special equipment, just the right teacher.”

Durant started Camp Still Meditation, so she could make this training more accessible to the masses in a secular environment. “We are a training camp for the modern mind and we believe mindfulness is the new super power for everyone from the C suite executive to the Entrepreneur. I have seen this benefit the most stressed out Mom and help an overwhelmed University student, stress doesn’t discriminate, but neither does the practice of mindfulness”.