About CAMP

Camp Still Meditation. Training camps for the modern mind.

We are a company devoted to helping extraordinary people use mindfulness as a super power for their everyday lives.  Our focus is to provide training to people who want to incorporate a secular mindfulness based practice into their health and wellness regime. Our community is able to connect at our events, workshops and classes.


Meet The People

Founder – Julie Durant

Her desire to create a program around meditation stems from the personal experience of founder, and busy entrepreneur, Julie Durant. Having had her own meditation practice for over 15 years she says “I couldn’t help but notice how much less reactive I became when stressful situations arose during my workday. The simple practice of being mindful and taking time to observe my surroundings proved to really work for me.

She continues, but it was tough to find the guidance I needed without all the religious attachments.  I had to really search and spend a lot of money and time to source a good fit for me, I was lucky I had the resources to do that. I knew not everyone had that luxury.” Having built numerous corporate workshops and events since 2008, including accredited courses for banks and the finance community over the past decade, Julie realized there was a community that would benefit from a training camp to help them shift their own reaction to stress and change

Teacher – Alexandra Goldwell

Alexandra has been teaching and leading students into mindful practices for over 15 years, she has provided counselling and guidance to both individuals and major corporations. Decades into meditation, Alexandra has counseled and taught hundreds in the ways of EQ, (Emotional Intelligence) and Mindfulness. She has also worked passionately to help countless of young women discover and step into their own feminine power.

Alexandra is into her third decade of meditation practice, as she humbly states ‘still learning and loving it.”

Teacher – Annemarie Gockel, Ph.D.

Annemarie is a Psychologist, coach, educator and researcher.  Annemarie is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the University of  Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness, the original birth place of MBSR.  She has taught MBSR based courses within various business settings and continues to do so with passion and positivity. Annemarie specializes in mindfulness-based approaches to increase well-being and enhance performance. Annemarie has conducted research on improving services or enhancing training in addictions, child welfare, and clinical education, and on mindfulness-based interventions in educational and community settings.

Annemarie Gockel has a  BA (Concordia), MSW (University of Toronto), Ph.D. (University of British Columbia.